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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 26, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now, trying to find the man who broke into a woman's home and attacked. that victim woke up to find the man standing over her bed and neighbors as you can imagine rattled to night knowing that guy is still out there. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. >> fox 29's chris o'connell is live at police headquarters tonight. any to track down this guy chris. >> reporter: there could be a big clue. police sources confirming for me tonight they are looking into the possibility of a connection between two similar incidents about attacks on women in south philadelphia over the last two months. the latest in point breeze happening this morning when a woman was sexually assaulted inside her own home.
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>> i'm just so upset. i mean this really pisses me off. it really hits home for me because this is my neighborhood. >> reporter: joe doesn't mince words when talking about what happened at i wasn't hit dread block of rose wood street in point breeze. >> this poor girl is 35 years old. god only knows if she'll want to come back to his house and live there. >> the victim was asleep when she a woke to a man wearing a ski mask standing overheard bed. police say the man placed his hands over the victim's mouth and demanded money. after sexually assaulting the woman the man took off. he got away with $10 cash and car keys from the victim's purse purse. he also threatened her if she called police. it's unclear how the man got into her home. >> terrible. i wouldn't want this to happen to me or anybody, you know what i mean? i feel very sorry for her. it's a shame somebody else wasn't in there with her. maybe could have helped her.
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>> reporter: police are trying to find out if a similar incident may be connected. less than two months ago police released this composite sketch of a man they think is responsible for an attempted rape on the 1700 block of chadwick street just a few blocks away. the striking similarity in both cases the attacker wore red gloves. lilly brown has lived here for 30 years. the attack has left her in tears tears. >> it's just terrible. i feel so bad. i have a daughter too. i feel bad, you know. that's bad, you know, in a neighborhood like this. >> reporter: now right now investigators with the special victims unit are trying to get their hands on several pieces of surveillance video. one of them in particular they're very interested in. it may show video of the suspect just minutes after that sexual assault. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, chris. black smoke billowed over philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood tonight after a junk yard caught fire.
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this is near the intersection of somerset and tulip street just past 8:00 tonight. at one point you could actually see that smoke from penn's landing. philadelphia police giving us birds eye view of those flames. these pictures tweeted by police from the philadelphia aviation unit. crews had that fire under control by 8:30 and no one is hurt. on your radar tonight heat and humidity on the rise. start your short work week. people out tonight in rittenhouse square to end the holiday weekend. scott, how hot are we talking? >> we're talking 90-degree heat and feels like temperatures later on this week, iain, in the low even mid 90s. high today mater up to 87 degrees. but it was more of a dry heat. but the humidity it increases over the next couple of days. above average temperatures upper 80s, 90-degree high temperatures likely and then scattered showers and storms especially by the middle part of the week. so we're dry and quiet tomorrow morning. but that humidity will start to increase with winds out of the south and southwest so you will feel it especially growing over the neck several days.
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so as we look at the overall pattern it is going to support warmer than average temperatures for this time of year. the average high is 77 degrees. tomorrow morning temperatures mid to upper 60s across the area area. but watch what happens by tomorrow afternoon. 3:00 o'clock we're looking at 88 degrees in trenton. 88, 89 in philadelphia. even mid to upper 80s north and west. cooler down the shore. coming up we'll time some rainfall for us and also continue to keep tabs on the devastating flooding right now moving through sections of texas as we watch this bow echo move into arkansas as well as louisiana. back to you. >> all right scott. speaking of that, desperate search tonight in texas for several people ad washed away by those raging flood waters. lone star state just being pounded by tornadoes. thunderstorms and heavy rain. the governor has declared a state of emergency in 24 counties. flood water destroying homes and heys county between austin and san antonio and more rains expected but emergency crews say
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they are not going to stop searching for the missing. officials confirming at least a dozen people were washed away. >> the 12 that we're talking about is where we have visual confirmed witness statements where something has happened. we had an interview last night with a gentleman in a hospital that was -- that helped lock down a lot of that number. >> just south across the rio grand a number of people killed after a powerful tornado ripped through the northern mexican border city. an estimated 180 people were injured in that storm. meanwhile in florida a waterspout shock ago packed beach when it picks up a bound see house. still ahead, what happened when it went airborne that may have saved the kids inside. >> scared some of our country's busiest airports triggered by anonymous telephone threats. authorities say the calls targeted flights heading to jfk in new york and newark liberty international airport in jersey. the fbi says u.s. military jets he is cored an air france flight
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into new york city after a caller claims a chemical weapon was on board also threatened two other jfk bound flights and another flight from paris to boston at newark authorities evacuateed united airlines plane. the threats added up to nothing and they may have all come from the same person. police are looking for two men in connection to a stabbing in hunting park. investigators say a man was stabbed three times near sixth and lycombing streets this afternoon and he was taken to temple university hospital where he is now in critical condition. police say two men both in their late 20s or early 30s were seen run from the area. to the deadly amtrak train derailment now. four people injured in the crash are still recovering at temple university hospital. two remain in critical condition condition. that crash injured more than 200 people. it killed eight when it derailed on a curve as it head to do new york city earlier this month. investigators are still looking into what went wrong. a north philadelphia man is spending his holiday in the hospital after being shot.
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it happened around noon today right near 28th and allegheny avenue. police say a 27-year-old was shot once in the head and one in the arm. he was rushed to temple university hospital. neighbors talked to fox 29 moments after the shooting. >> shake you up when you see police. that implies danger. so it's going to shake anybody up, you know, it's a natural thing. >> police believe the man knows the person who shot him. the man is in stable condition tonight. on the day we honor the ultimate sacrifice of our men and women in uniform we have the story of a soldier finally home after disappearing on a battlefield more than 60 years ago. corporal robert higgins philadelphia fishtown was one of more than sick hundred people from the philadelphia area who died in the korean war. a dna match led his family to his remains only last year. today corporal higgins family received a special tribute as philadelphia honored its korean war dead. fox 29's bruce gordon was there.
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>> reporter: it is among the newest grave sites at the veterans cemetery in newtown bucks county. casket having been lowered into the ground just over a month ago. there it is, section site seven site 849 army corporal robert higgins was 20 years old when he disappeared in the fog of the korean war. uncle pobb nieces can pay their respects. >> our family is here. he was a missing person from our family and he's home with his brother. his brothers. >> i thought about my father, of course and how excited he would have been because over the years he wondered what happened to his kid brother. >> reporter: robert higgins was the youngest of three brothers to serve our country but he did not come home. as the korean war memorial at penn's landing notes -- >> taken prisoner february february 13th, 1951.
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date of death not really known. ♪ >> reporter: ceremonies honoring local korean war casualties higgins nieces and their husbands were guests of honor after more than 60 years of waiting for answers a dna match last november was used to identify remains that had been in army custody since the '90's. >> we were so excited. my husband and i were like ecstatic. we were like wow we just couldn't believe it actually happened after all these years. >> reporter: higgins nieces joined other families in pointerring with pride to their loved ones names etched into the monuments. for years this is all marge and aggie had to remind them of his sacrifice. now they can visit him in his final resting place among other heroes. >> lay down your life for a friend right? and that's who we are. >> reporter: each and every gravesite at this cemetery has a story, a story of duty, honor sacrifice service to country. now, for one local family their
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story has an ending. uncle bob is finally home. in newtown, bucks county, bruce gordon fox 29 news. a local sky diver hits a snag and gets tangled in power lines. it turns out this scary situation could have been a whole lot worse. what we've learned about the local company involved. >> a grandmother at a gas pump stairs in shock who was driving off with her young grandchildren inside. who police say was behind the wheel. a local woman turns to social media to track down the family she never new. >> i just needed to know, like, about me. little emptiness. >> the search getting help from thousands of people. >> on this memorial day hundreds honored our nation's fallen in delaware county. media borough held its annual memorial day parade. veterans made their way down state street paying tribute to their brothers and sisters who gave it all in defense of our country. ♪
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♪ sky diver caught up in power lines this week mend williamstown new jersey. cell phone video shows the man stuck monroe township fire department assistant chief tells the sky driver land add block away from his targeted landing sight. we don't know how he got off course. the power company had to cut the power to the lines before firefighters could reach him in that cherry picture and get him down. >> they usually respond to half a dozen incidents a year involving the skydiving fall
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adventures. we tried to talk with free fall adventures but it's refuseing to comment. >> local young woman is trying to solve a family mystery and hoping social media will help her do it. the 22-year-old is searching for her birth mother but she doesn't have a lot of information to go gone. >> she's hoping strangers on facebook will fill in some of the blanks. fox 29's shawnette wilson talked to her about her search. >> reporter: the young woman you're about to meet crew up here in bethlehem but it's not where she was born. she grew up in a loving family but says there's still something missing. >> hi my name is cab len morning lien and i'm trying to locate my birth mother. >> 22-year-old kathleen morning glade is pouring her heart out on social media. i have a lot of supportive friends that would share it for me. she's on a personal and emotional mission to find her birth mother. >> it's like that one little spot that you're just like, i need it. like i just need it to know like about me. that little emptiness. >> kathleen who also goes by katie was a topped when she was
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about two months old. she says her adoptive parents told her she was born september september 21, 1992 at at a home in easton. she went to an easton hospital before she was adopted through the catholic social agency diocese of allentown. >> they didn't make me feel like i was adopter. they made me feel like i was their own child but in the back of my mind it was just eating and eating. >> she says her records don't list her birth mother's name hans no information on her father. only that she has a brother and sister a few years older. >> being an only child it's kind of lonely and you're like, well, it would be kind of cool to have like a sister and like a brother and like i just really want to meet them and like develop a relationship that i didn't have when i was a kid. >> kathleen's facebook page managed with the help of her best friend angie and already has more than thee thousand shares. kathleen says she has no resentment toward her biological mother. she just wants answers. >> you're still the reason i'm here. so even if you don't want to
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talk to me that's fine. i just want to know who you are. >> if you'd like to help katie with her search to find her biological mother go to month and click on seen on tv. in bethlehem shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> western pennsylvania teen builds her dream tree house but now her township says it's got to go. 14-year-old elyse built a tree house all by herself on the front of her parent's home. two level fort features a tv, harry potter decorations and clear roof so elyse can watch the stars at night but the party is coming to an end after the summer. because neighbors complained the township says that tree house it's not allowed. >> first i thought it was a joke but then it wasn't, and i got really sad. >> it took like a lot of planning to do and to figure out what should go where and stuff. >> elyse came to deal with the township though, she can keep this thing up over the summer but it's got to come down by october 1st. >> many war memorials draw
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crowds on this holiday but others seem to stay in the shadows. sadly some tributes to fallen soldiers go unnoticed. fox 29 weekend anchor bill anderson took this day to visit self of those sights. ♪ >> reporter: memorial day is a day to recognize the sacrifices made to protect our freedoms, but as a lifetime philadelphian i was disappointed in myself that i wasn't full ale wear of all the memorials to fallen soldiers in our area. today i spent the day seeking them out. >> please recognize them. >> reporter: i starter at the korean and vietnam war memorials memorials. both memorials are just off of penn's landing and even though there were large crowds there today, fundraising signs indicated that they still need more support. at the african-american war memorial across from the franklin institute i found a small group of soldiers and supporters who say that they meet there every year to remember soldiers that fought and died for this country but they say are being overlooked.
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today is a memorial to realize the unsung heroes. those who did not get recognized and that paid the price on the balance field that came home and then were treated less than a man. >> reporter: other memorials that some may not be aware are the dough boys world war ii memorial in northern liberties and the pennsylvania arrow and aviate memorials. always three recognizeed local heroes that lost their lives in battle. there are several other memorials in our area and one of the comments made by one of the men at the african-american memorial inspired me to make sure this is the last year i'm not fully aware of all the sacrifices that were made for us us. >> those soldiers sailors flyers who sacrificed who gave all and their decedents are not even aware because they were not made aware. >> reporter: guys, the recurring theme i experienced as
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i moved around and spoke to people today it's all of our responsibility to make sure that these monuments and these individuals who gave their lives protecting us are fully recognized. so hopefully those same monuments that weren't terribly crowded this year will be very crowded next year and equally important will be fully funded. here in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. teenaged girl wakes up to her little brother screaming. she see as man dragging him out of window. what police say she did next to may have saved his life. >> do you understand me? i'll break your arm. >> get on the ground. >> those are off duty cops taken down a group of guys on the street. how a water fight ended in mug shots. >> and the priceless moment any parent can understand. a blind woman is given chance to see her unborn son. >> but first in wildwood on this memorial day the focus rightly shifted from the beach and the
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boardwalk to those who gave all protecting our nation many veterans were among the crowd at the north wildwood veterans memorial. officials placed a wreath in remembrance a proud salute at the shore to all those who gave their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy here at home. ♪
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♪ >> check out this new video shows a deadly plain crash
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outside at land t you can see the plane in this dash cam video i before it disappears, then moments later you see a huge plume of black smoke in the distance. this police officer was the first one to arrive at the crash along the interstate. the four people on the plane died in that crash earlier this month. the ntsb is still investigating what happened. one courtroom, one day 58 arraignments cleveland's weekend protest ended with more than 70 arrests and spilled into that courtroom today. however, plea say most protesters were peaceful. they hit the streets after a judge acquitted police officer michael brillo of voluntary manslaughter in the deaths of unarmed couple in 2012. they died in a barrage of police gunfire. 137 shots fired. the judge ruled that the prosecution failed to prove brillo shots directly led to their deaths. iowa teen girl is more than a hero to her little brother. she saved him from the grasp of the kidnapper. >> she broke up friday morning when her little brother screamed
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for help. she ran down is it a toys find a 17-year-old boy drag herring brother out of their basement window and on to the front lawn. that teen started punching the boy in the face. the big sister jumped in and grabbed her brother. he took off running police eventually caught him. >> very concerning someone would go in someone's house in the miffled the noon night and take a young child out without having some other ill intentions. >> the officer did a great job. really i think the true hero in this situation is the young sister. >> police say the little boy is traumatized and they're still determining if the teen who tried to kidnap him has any ties to the family. >> look at what happened at a packed beach. waterspout throws a bounce see house into the air with children inside. what happened the moment it went airborne that might have saved their lives. >> a determined family changing lives with a paper shredder. >> i had no idea how god was going to use that one skill to turn it into a business.
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>> their dream is making dreams come true for so many others. scott. >> it was a beautiful weather wise across our area for the holiday weekend but get ready for heat, humidity and storms. the timing of it all next.
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♪ right now at 10:30 holiday weekend comes to an end your work week is about to heat up as we look live at great wolf lodge in the pocono mountains. temperatures will hit near mine and humidity is going to sky rocket. scott williams is tracking rain on the way. your full forecast minutes away. >> a in order beach a waterspout and bounce see house bad combination. whirling column of air and water struck a ft. lauderdale beach this afternoon. >> s to add can nappy and then shocked people on the beach. >> bounce house. whoa! >> oh, my god! >> water spot picked up that bounce house with three kids
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inside. they fell on to the sand before the bounce house flew over palm trees, across a parking lot and over four lanes of traffic. some of the people on the beach ran towards the bounce house others pulled out cell phones and recorded video. one woman says she was sitting right in the path of the waterspout. it was comeing from in the water, and then it was like coming to where we were sitting and then it just make a turn and went right where the bounce house was and then it just threw it up in the air and keeps spinning out in the sky and the kids keep falling out of it. >> the kids were tossed out before the house got too high in the area. they were alert when they were taken to the hospital to be check out. no word on their condition tonight. >> hopefully they'll be okay. severe storms sweeping across the midwest in kansas look at that. thunder, lightning looming last night. that's not all. storm chaser shot this video recording a large night shrowded tornado at least nine states reporting tornadoes since the start of this holiday weekend.
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so it is very good to be right around here. >> things about to hypothetical. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> yeah, iain and lucy, the high today 87 degrees. 10 degrees above the normal for this time of year which is 77. but it was more avenue dry heat because we had a breeze and also the humidity wasn't as bad but it could coat hot this time of year. 96 degrees is the record high believe it or not for today's date. set back in 1991. the sunset this evening at 8:18 but as we progress throughout the week the pattern will support tememperatures upper 80s. 90-degree temperatures potentially and then feels like temperatures when you factor in that building humidity it's going to be in the low to mid 90s so tomorrow morning temperatures to start at 7am 7am68 degrees. warming rapidly, though, it will be 81 degrees by 11:00. by 3:00 o'clock. 87 so highs tomorrow in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. what about chances for rain? today it was dry warm and
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breezy across our area. beautiful conditions the entire holiday weekend. down the shore the pocono mountains it was just great to get outdoors. right now it's dry and quiet down the shore looking at those temperatures. 64 degrees cape may point. we have mid to low 60s right now down the shore water temperatures still kind of chilly upper 50 toss near 60 degrees. so we have 68 in millville. mid 70s right now still philadelphia. 76 degrees in allentown upper 60s right now in the pocono mountains but watch future heat index. this is what it will actually feel like by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon along the i-95 corridor. the urbanized areas typically lock in a little more of that hematoma it will feel like 90 degrees in philadelphia so that's how you should dress tomorrow for 90-degree heat. then bite middle of the week, feels like temperatures mind you by 3:00 o'clock will be in the low 90s right along the i-95 corridor. but take a look at all of the severe weather reports. flooding tornadoes lightning heavy rainfall impacting
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sections of the lone star state. look at this nasty squall line bow echo damaging winds continuing with that system. this is a slow-moving system that will eventually bring us some rainfall chances not so much tomorrow but by wednesday afternoon and evening we'll have a line of potential downpours and some heavy rain that will be moving through our area so just heads on that. mild and muggy tonight. temperatures bottom out in the mid to upper 60s. 89 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. 90 on wednesday. and temperatures really flirt with 90 degrees over the next several days. you can see especially wednesday into thursday, even lingering into the upcoming weekend scattered thunderstorm chances and we need the rain because parts of the area lehigh valley, pocono mountains in a moderate drought. >> we'll take the rain right now now. >> all right. thank you scott. >> mr. williams when you go to the beach do you take your phone with you. >> no. >> phone free. >> digital detox. >> there you go. >> i like that. ill litter rat value is good.
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perhaps did you hit the beach this weekend? was your phone by your side. >> it can be a bummer if your phone dice while you're taking in these rays. these new charging stands can give your phones new life. belmar beach installed phone chargeing stations along its boardwalk at every block. are people using them. >> when i go to the beach i don't want to be connected to technology. i want to just sit back and relax and read a book and i'm so connected to technology all week all the time that i just want to disconnect. >> i get that completely. be warn the stands are byoc which is bring your own cord. although most said they don't really use their phone on the beach, yeah, i'm not sure, as far as teenagers go, it's nice having those chargers there in case of an emergency. >> off duty cops take down a group of guys on the street and cell phone cameras catch it all. how a water fight ended in mug shots. >> trying to save animals from a big oil spill. so, so bad.
3:34 am
the one sign that shows these particular sea lions are on the mend. >> the priceless moment any parent can understand. a blind woman given the chance to see her unborn son. >> but first marking this memorial day in bucks county 96th annual memorial day ceremony and parade took over langhorne the marching bands hit the streets members of the american legion remembered military members who gave their lives serving our country. ♪
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♪ several sea lions rescued from massive oil spill on california's coast are improving tonight. sea world says three sea lions pulled from the oil are makeing noise meaning they are getting better. one of the animals did not make it officials say it was badly
3:39 am
mal monished. both rescued elephant seals are recovering. more than 100,000 gallons of oil leaked from a broken pipe last tuesday. the cause is still under investigation. >> tracking your pizza while it's on the way to your house. domino's says it's launching new program called gps driver tracker. the company already let's customers see pizza's progress from the order to the oven to when it's out for delivery you'll be able to map your pizza driver real time. hang tight. domino's is launching it in australia and new zealand first. i feel sorry for the drivers. i'd be worried. anyhow no word on when the app will make its way to the us. hey, do you like use emoticons but they're too casual for business. think again. online customer service agent who's use emoticons have a better chance of putting smiles on their customers faces during business related chats. they also reported agents who used them were more personal.
3:40 am
go ahead and emot. the findings the current issue of computers and human behavior. >> heart heart heart. >> there you go. >> unforgettable moment for any parent to be seeing your baby on that first ultrasound. >> what if you can't see? video going viral shows how one company made that happen for a woman who is blind. huggies brazil teamed up 3d printing firm to make a sculpture of her unborn son with a special message in braille. take a look here. >> makes me cry. video right now has almost 10 million views. >> that's good stuff. a grandmother at the gas
3:41 am
pump stairs in shock as car drives off with her young grandchildren inside. who police say was behind the wheel. >> marines wedding grabbing hearts tonight. what this bride and groom will moments before their ceremony that?c
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♪ i'll break your arm. >> get on the ground. >> group of men on bikes says officer duty police officers roughed them up. you heard what they said to them on minneapolis street. that's where it happened. officers were riding on those pedal pub things basically a mobile pub that you pedal. bike riders squirted the off duty officers with water guns. guys didn't have uniforms on. didn't know but the cyclists say the reaction was excessive including the force. the driver of the pedal pub is weighing in. she got squirted as well sean happy and believes the officers did the right thing. still not sure what they're charged with. the incidents under investigation. the officers involved are still on active duty.
3:45 am
a grandmother stops at a gas station watches in horror as a man takes off with her mini van and her young grandchildren are still inside. susan davidson was filling up her vehicle last night at a gas station near tampa. her two and four-year-old grandkids in the back seat. she says a man wearing a mask jumped into her car. davidson tried to stop him but he drove off. detectives found the vehicle about half mile from the gas station with the kids inside. >> i figured i would never see the kids again. i just hoped somebody sees this and learns something from my mistake that are more -- somebody sees this and knows who did it. >> davidson says she's going to make sure the van doors are locked from now on. detectives are still looking for the carjacker. a powerful story of success. a young man over comes his own challenges to start a successful business but give others with disabilities the chance to gain a little independence. >> fox' greg introduces this
3:46 am
this young man hins company sledding on the go. >> reporter: it is destruction and creation at the very same time. truly understand that seeming contradiction you must feet meet a 23-year-old carving out what most would consider a pretty darn compelling career. >> hi may name is james parker and i own a mobile sledding business called sledding on the go. i do the sledding myself and i really like it. >> reporter: born with the all tra rare neurological disorder known as alan syndrome james has never walked can't not talk. but in this house renee' parker's house there's always been the faith driven expectation that a beloved son would some day become a productive worker. >> james is going to be employed and we're going to start
3:47 am
business that at that time i had no idea what that business would be. >> reporter: and so here the focus became far less on what james couldn't do and far more on what he could. >> we were talking about james' strengths and weaknesses and his grandma said, well, when he comes to my house he puts paper in my shredder. we had no idea how god was going use that one skill to turn it into a business. >> reporter: and a heck of a business it's become. launching a lone nearly five years ago with a single machine james parker slowly but steadily built his clientele. delivering completely confidential document destruction on site service that's true to his company's name. shredding on the go. >> and he knows that he is doing something meaningful. >> reporter: and it gets
3:48 am
better. when a broken arm threatened to side track james' growing business an unexpected blessing doubled the company's work force force. >> i was like i can do that. i can do that job. >> reporter: james farrell is blind. challengeed with cerebral palsy and until the day he was hired by james parker had never had the opportunity to earn a dollar he could call his own. >> i just know what everybody needs everybody challenge or no challenge needs to have some type of work. >> reporter: with no fewer than 10 corporate contracts an host of satisfied customers remaining solidly loyal james' payroll has since exploded six fold. >> shredding on the go. >> yeah. >> you like it? >> yes. >> emma has known james sin the first grade. and a year ago enlisted as a
3:49 am
sledding on the go teammate. >> most people are willing to work if they're given the chance chance. >> cory wyatt at the latest to come aboard and may well be the most deeply grateful. >> i don't want to sponge off the government. i want to earn some money. >> something that other people want and needs to be done. >> it's empowering and it changes people's lives. >> reporter: responsibility with meaning. labor with value. a simple formula for self worth contentment and dignity. how james and his mom have pushed low expectations and backward attitudes into their shredders. time after time after time of
3:50 am
paper. greg grugan, fox news. love that story. wow. one couple's wedding photo taking the internet by storm tonight. >> what they did just before the ceremony that's capturing a lot of hearts. this is u.s. marine marine corps corporal and his bride maggie edwards before their wedding praying. they're standing back to back before the ceremony. their photographer posted it on facebook and it's got more than 33,000 likes. >> this show has me in a puddle tonight. i'm crying left and right with all of these heart warming stories. >> i hope i don't bring you to tears in the sports cast. this will be a tearjerker kerr. >> it's my job, guys. they made history at lincoln financial field this afternoon as the lacrosse world watch maryland and denver play for championship and chase utley is hit a little bit as the phillies start a series with the new york mets. phillies trying to do something they haven
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♪ 10 game road trip and trying
3:54 am
to do something they haven't done since last september. how about win a series on the road? after counting zero-nine- zero-nine-one in their last tenzer reece away from philadelphia. these guys can't take watching these guys on the road. pigeons had the best seats in the house at citi field as the phillies took on the mets. chase utley has been hot hitter. two run single will score revere and galvis. phils have two-one lead over cologne. that doesn't last long. lucas duda love saying that name. two-two right there the solo shot and then in the fourth inn inning more civilized name michael kadire goes upper deck and the mets have a three hiv two lead. phillies tie the game at three a peace and stay that way in the sickth. flores the three run shot off justin defratus that is all the mets woeness need. mets beat the phillies sick- sick-three. now among the few positives receipt now, how about chase utley.
3:55 am
the start for the season it was brutal in his last 10 games he's certainly turning things around. he's batting .406. five doubles and six rbi's. nationals taking taking on the cubs at wrigley field that is wilson ramos. you know what stinks, they're renovating the bleachers there's no body there to throw the ball back. that thing is rattling around out there. throw it back. nationals beat the cubs two-one. nnl game number five of the western conference finals between chicago and anaheim. this is camp valor one to nothing anaheim. don't blink. 32 seconds later ryan kessler it is two-zero anaheim leading three-one are the duck late in the second period. more off the field problems for yet another nfl player. this time it's defensive end ray mcdonald. he was arrested this morning in california on domestic violence and child inn danger many charges. he physically assault add victim
3:56 am
while she was holding a child. same ray mcdonald released by the san francisco 49ers for poor off the field behavior tonight new team the chicago bears they did the right thing they releasereleased ray mcnoon as well. ncaa lacrosse on the line this afternoon at the linc. bill tierney of denver trying to win his seventh title. he won the first six at princeton. you have lesley bird you are in good shape. he becomes the first coach in nc ncaa to win titles with two different teams. 10-five the final there. the first team west of the mississippi to win the ncaa. >> cross that off. >> congratulations. >> thanks, shredder. >> tmz is up nex
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this morning a deadly late night shooting in philadelphia's straws bring mansion section keeping police busy. details abe what police are looking for. authorities are investigating sexual salt of the woman inside her own home why police believe the attacker may have hit before. let's go outside live. i don't really want to be outside much right now. the allergies are killing me. sue has your full forecast straight ahead. >> good day it is tuesday may 26th, 2015, take after memorial will day. >> look delightful very springy, turf wear a wool suit. typically i don't envy woman with high heels,. >> i know. >> it is rehe letters right now because we have


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